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Dr Federico Usuelli

Hello my name is Dr Federico Usuelli and I am proud to be one the world’s leading surgeons specialising in successful orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment. I welcome all English speaking patients to my world renowned foot and ankle clinic in Italy! My leading team and I are proud to be the number one destination for all English speaking patients looking for unrivalled orthopaedic care, abroad.

Leading Foot & Ankle Clinic

Each year, the number of English speaking patients visiting my world famous Italian clinic for foot and ankle treatments, dramatically rises. The reason for this is simple: We offer a world-leading and unrivalled orthopaedic service that is not currently available for people living in the UK. With UK patients having to experience long NHS waiting times and a low level of foot and ankle care back at home, it makes sense to visit my practice. Not only will you receive the very best in advanced and innovative orthopaedic treatments performed by one of the world’s leading foot and ankle surgeons, you will also get to visit and experience the stunning city of Milan and recover in warm, beautiful and breath-taking surroundings. What more could you ask for!

Advanced Orthopaedic Technology

My foot and ankle clinic is one of the most advanced and leading orthopaedic practices in the world. Our state-of-the-art clinic uses the latest in advanced technology, equipment and medical techniques to ensure all of our UK patients receive unrivalled medical care and a fast and effective recovery program.

Our Foot & Ankle Services

Below are some of the many foot and ankle services we offer our UK patients:

Transport Services

Our leading orthopaedic clinic is located in the heart of Milan and easily accessible from either of the main Milan airports: Malpensa International Airport, Linate Airport and Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport. There are many public and private transport services that can easily take you to the city of Milan from either of the main nearby airports. Cheap, single plane tickets from the UK to Milan can start from as little as £25!

Once you arrive in the stunning city of Milan, if it suits you, we are also happy to arrange your transport to our clinic for a friendly and professional diagnosis and chat with myself and the team.

So if you are searching for world-leading foot and ankle diagnosis and treatment abroad, then I, Dr Federico Usuelli can offer you an affordable, unrivalled alternative that no other clinic in the UK can match in terms of excellence and care. Get in touch with my clinic today!