Ankle prosthesis

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Ankle prosthesis (Ankle Replacement Surgery): the surgical solutions and treatments for osteoarthritis.

What is Ankle Prosthesis?
Regarding ankle prosthesis, we are referring to the diagnosis and therapy for UK patients suffering with ankle osteoarthritis. In many cases we have found that the cause of ankle osteoarthritis is trauma to the ankle area. If a patient has an accident and suffers trauma to the ankle area, then this can result in ankle osteoarthritis developing within just a few years after the accident.

Patients suffering with ankle osteoarthritis will notice their ankle joint being effected. Our ankles offer crucial support regarding the mobility of the foot, essential when walking or running. Patients suffering from ankle prosthesis may experience a stiffness in their joints and may also find that walking or running is a lot harder. 

We understand that each patient suffering from ankle prosthesis has a different level of severity and so we talk about different patients with different problems and needs.

Before performing the ankle prosthesis operation, we guide surgeons by asking that they take in to account the following factors: age, deformity and quality of the bone.

We also plan an in-depth talk about the two implantation techniques of ankle prosthesis: Mobile-bearing and resurfacing.

The first technique consists of three basic components: a tibial, talar, and a polyethylene insert called “meniscus”.

The second is a new and highly advanced technique available to just a few carefully selected surgeons.

Thanks to the use of the Trabecular Metal ™, it is now possible to reproduce the biomechanical characteristics of human bone tissue.
In Italy, so far to date, I am the only surgeon who has performed the largest number of interventions using the resurfacing technique.
Let’s find out more about these two different ankle prosthesis techniques that I offer:

Resurfacing and fix bearing


Resurfacing and fix bearing in deep.

Mobile Bearing


Mobile bearing in deep.