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Journal Club, 10th evening: CASCO, our identity

The meeting held on the 30th of June was particularly important. The first meeting since CASCO – Foot and Ankle exists. There are a lot of reasons to smile: finally, we have our own identity, which enables us to develop the surgery and research activity independently. Finally we are part of a macro-division, aimed at […]

Journal Club, 9th evening: planning

The next months will be essential for us. In fact, this period is involving us in important and exciting changes, that will soon let our team work in close contact with specialists from other districts. This is giving us the opportunity to compare and share our knowledge by integrating it both in the foot/ankle and […]

Journal Club, 8th event

This, our 8th Journal Club, has been completely different from the other ones. In fact, we had decided to take a “time break” to devote to ourselves!! Considering the numerous events and meetings, national and international, which my team will take part in during the next months, I’ve decided indeed to grant us an evening […]

Journal Club, 7th evening: ankle and subtalar instability.

As always, our Journal Club 7th edition has taken place this March too, and the subject matter of the evening has been the “ankle and subtalar lateral instability”. Specifically, the topics were many and they let us develop the main one, accurately: 1 – RICCARDO – Lateral ankle and hindfoot instability: A new clinical based […]

Journal Club, 6th evening

Syndesmosis. As every month, we have gathered for our Journal Club, on February too! The theme of this meeting has been, unlike previous times, a decisive theme for orthopedics in general, which every orthopedist can come across in his daily activity: syndesmosis, that is, the joint point between tibia and fibula, at ankle level. Howewer, […]

Journal Club, evening n°4

Dear friends, here I am again. This is the fourth and last Journal Club for the year 2015, a meeting that I proposed and strongly desired, with the aim of offering new inducements to my team. It’s been a very challenging and advantageous year. Some research projects have come to life, others have already borne […]