It’s been exactly a year from the Foot and Ankle Meeting Alumni Reunion of Vail, punctually organized by Mark Myerson every two years!

I perfectly remember the atmosphere around the Mercy Hospital: everyone was ready for preparations, without forgetting to rent ski and ski boots! Well, because this is a very special meeting which only Mark can plan in such an extraordinary way!

Every two years, indeed, a different place in Colorado is being chosen and all Marks’ ex fellows – whose names have already become relevant almost as well as their own master’s one – gather together at this splendid meeting which combines a will to keep themselves up to date, to a will to stay together and… ski together!

The meeting is in fact organized to make use of the ski complex: from 6.30 in the morning to 10 they meet up to discuss cases and present the different topics, as well as from 16 to 20. Instead, for the rest of the day, they go skiing and, what a great skiing!

Believe me, Colorado’s ski runs are terrific and Vail is probably one of the most well-appreciated places!

But it’s not over yet! Do you want, perhaps, to waste your time dressing up in a congressional style, in a suit and tie?! You do go straight to a congress in a ski suit and there will be trouble if you break the law!

Such a unique meeting!

But the exuberant and relaxed environment should not deceive you: Mark Myerson has set trends and he is one of the most relevant foot and ankle surgeon in the USA.

There is not a theme which is not being discussed: from bunion and its complications, to the deformities of midfoot and backfoot, without forgetting ankle prostethics!

Let’s start from the beginning. The journey to Vail surely wasn’t one of the simplest. After we arrived in Denver, a minibus took me straight to the hotel, just in time for the opening meeting dinner. It was like participating in a theatrical opera! Blarney and jokes presentations, recognitions and witty remarks, pictures of austere surgeons in the operating room, all followed by ridiculous and humorous stolen snapshots, have liven up the evening which has been more an actual opening party than a congressional dinner.

The next morning I showed up in my ski suit in the main room and then, when the first session ended, I went straight away on the snow with the fellows and Mark, a ski master too, who was trying to give us a hard time in every way possible between a off piste and the other!

Howewer, while returning to the congressional room with still my ski suit and the snow on me, all the attention was focused on the always burning cases and discussions, no matter what time or tiredeness.

Unfortunately, the alumnus meeting will not take place this year, since it will be organized every two years. I can’t wait to re-experience it along with all the fellows who, like me, are longing for it!