Batistuta announced he is waiting for a reliable ankle prosthesis, preferring it to an old-style ankle fusion.

In the last 10 years, ankle prostheses have evolved immensely in terms of both technology and design. Think 15 years back: the thought of having an ankle prosthesis was only a remotely viable solution, and not always a winning one. In the past, time was wasted trying to give the patient advice on how to put up with the pain or by scheduling operations consisting in arthrodesis, that is, a fusion of the ankle at 90°.


Today, we have full comprehension of the ankle’s biomechanics and new prosthetic designs that reproduce its authentic anatomy exactly, and are thus capable of offering truly reliable solutions to young patients too.

Trabecular Metal

Also, research and development in the material field have taken things even further. Trabecular Metal is one of the greatest steps forward in biomaterial technology. It is used for the metal back of a new replacement system (TM-ankle) to induce bone in-growth without any cement fixation.
Something very close to a natural healing process. This is the present, not the future, right now.
It is quite surprising that ankle replacement is still viewed as an innovative treatment and looked upon with skepticism.
Ankle replacement will definitively be the future treatment for ankle replacement, but at the same time it is the most reliable treatment nowadays.