For many active sportsmen in the UK, sports injuries are a constant fear and a reality. For Olympic athlete, Alistair Brownlee, he has suffered for many years with ankle pain which had left him frustrated. Before his quest for success at the Rio 2016 Olympics, he undertook ankle surgery in a last attempt to help solve his ligament and tendon issues that had plagued him for long periods of his career.

What started the ankle injury?

Back in 2012, Brownlee sadly tore the tendon of his Achilles, half a year before the Olympics was due to start. After undergoing a successful recovery program that ensured he wore protective footwear, regularly swam and participated in light exercise, he was soon back on the track and doing what he loved.

At Dr Federico Usuelli’s clinic, we successfully treat similar Achilles tendon tears and recommend rest, including a variety of leading treatments, including the latest technology in protective footwear aimed at aiding a quick recovery.

 Treating Ligament Damage With Ankle Surgery

Leading medical studies indicate that ligament and ankle cartilage injuries can be effectively treated with a range of therapies and treatments, with individuals returning to their sport in a very quick timescale.

 At my practice, we would provide a variety of treatments, comprising of physiotherapy ,Tecar therapy and kinesio taping, in order to fast track a patient’s recovery. Next we would suggest rehabilitation in order to help get the patient’s ankle mobile again from a variety of specific exercises.

In addition, the probability of an individual’s ankle actually yielding is small with just around fifteen and twenty percent of this happening in ligament injury cases. Nonetheless, if the unlikely was to happen then we would advise surgery.

Regarding Brownlee’s injury, where numerous ligaments were damaged, surgery would again be recommended. Because of Brownlee’s never give up attitude, we would advise such patients to not rush their recovery but instead take things nice and slowly.

Ankle Treatment

Dr Federico Usuelli is used to successfully treating similar ligament foot and ankle injuries. Our world leading diagnosis and unrivalled foot and ankle treatment successfully enable many sportsmen like Brownlee, to quickly recover and get back on the track in no time. Contact our foot and ankle team today.

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