Strange coincidences, those which makes us think about how in every case and in every field the need for exchange will not fade, even if it might be an “Indipendence Day” or, simply, the end of Europe by these terms.

That’s the best part of “staying in the game”!

Our participation in Berlin EFAS

In our job too, during these days spent in Berlin for the EFAS, we are here talking about our studies and experience.

Dr. Indino, who soon will join me in this new adventure inside the Galeazzi Institute, along with Dr. Riccardo D’Ambrosi and Dr. Maccario.

Despite the 40 degrees which welcomed us in Berlin, the meeting had its appeal: 500 members, international guests, different topics.


Our workshop

Particularly appreciated was the Geistlich workshop, where I was able to show our numbers and talk about our cases within the cartilaginous reconstruction context. During this meeting, I presented our AT-AMIC arthroscopic technique, by highlighting the importance for the surgeon of achieving the hallux of the learning curve. This does not mean using one technique only, but rather adapting the surgical technique to different situations, beyond every challenge and for the patient’s sake.

However, the most interesting aspect of this was the strong harmony between our results and those made by our Swiss colleague Dr. Walters. This gives us even more strength to our studies, by showing the truthfulness and the integrity of gathered data and of performed analysis.

Thank you guys for your help, and for helping and supporting me through our rapid yet thoughtful growth!