The United States is a great nation, full of contradictions but also potentialities.

It is a melting-pot in which I’ve found myself in at first, with a sort of inferiority and mistrust – as every young foreigner who goes abroad for work – but then it opened me up to some perspectives I would never have found anywhere else!

So, everytime I come back here, I do it with a mixture of joy, gratitude and enthusiasm.

Today, in fact, I am so glad I live in Italy, work in Italy, treat Italian patients.

Of course, Italy has a lot of flaws: sometimes it is really narrow-minded, it hardly invests in young people and hardly listens to their voices.

This will change, probably!

It is true, you can find “old boasters” in every field, who still clings themselves to the logic of power, and not to knowledge and efficiency. Howewer, on the other hand, it is an exciting challenge, understanding that, in our world, one’s own experience is accepted with interest, and acquired as an “influential opinion”.

Thanks to my friend Mari Hardy for inviting me to this Global Foot and Ankle Meeting: a success for him, and a pride for me, the fact that I gave for almost one hour a lecture about the role of ankle prosthesis and of the arthrodesis one, for a modern treatment of ankle arthrosis!

Preserving movement is important and… numbers matter.