Nowadays we all have a potentially endless resource, which allows us to be always up-to-date. The invention of the internet changed people’s daily lives and the way they communicate.
You can learn new things and update your knowledge with a simple click.
This major invention has been and still is fundamental also for us doctors.

And yet, technology can’t and must not replace human touch, which is important because it gives us the opportunity to discuss , thus helping us improve our social skills.
These were the premises that pushed me to take on the challenge of organizing and chairing the first Italian Premeeting. The event that will precede the annual EFAS (European Foot and Ankle Society) Congress , and this year’s focus will be the “difficult sceneries” in foot surgery.

Many of you probably think that conferences can often be dull and boring. And I don’t blame you, considering I took part to lot of these meetings too. But I decided to make a good use of these experiences so I put a lot of effort into organizing and promoting the Genova Premeeting, in a way that will allow us to focus only on specific topics, without the ambition of becoming an Encyclopedia.

Why should you take part to the Premeeting?

  • As already anticipated the event will precede the EFAS encounter. This special occasion, together with my personal connections, allowed me to offer/ grant the participants the possibility of meeting and listening to a multiplicity of voices: Italian and international Maters of the Scalpel. I am convinced there is no universal way of doing things , that is why I think promoting communication and skill exchange is very important; incitements that will increase among participants and scholars.
  • The Premeeting is organized mostly for the young doctors.
    Today our discipline is facing a historical moment , the one of passing the baton. For this reason new voices are essential. Foot surgery in particular is living a moment of great evolution and innovation.
  • To conclude I would like to highlight once again the importance of an open communication between all the members of our filed.
    A multidisciplinary approach to solving our patient’s problems is, nowadays, extremely important, especially when dealing with innovation concerning pathologies such as the flat foot in children or adults, the ankle arthrodesis and the ankle prothesys.

I would like to conclude with a promise: this meeting will respect all the commitments that have been made. So fellow students, doctors, surgeons and professionals in our field, get all your questions ready because they’re about to be answered.