They may not have won the gold, but these all-star athletes certainly won the respect and hearts of the world with an incredible display of sportsmanship at the women’s 5,000 semi-final race.

Nikki Hamblin’s act of sportsmanship

After running the first three thousand meters, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin, fell to the ground, accidently taking American rival, Abbey D’Agostino down with her. The world looked on in shock as both athletes lay grounded in a crumpled heap. Within that split second a range of foot and ankle injuries could have been sustained by both runners.

However, much to the delight and relief of the watching crowd, D’Agostino was quickly on her feet again and instead of running on she instead helped up her rival, Hamblin, completing the race alongside her. If ever an image of solidarity was needed, it would have been the one of both D’Agostino and Hamblin side by side, rival sporting nations separated by vast oceans but united in sportsmanship.

In another bizarre twist, D’Agostino then also fell to the floor, injured – however,  Hamblin returned the favour by helping her up to her feet. By this point the crowd cheered and stood up applauding both athletes as they hobbled towards the finishing line.

D’Agostino finally persuaded Hamblin to carry on by herself and forget about her– as soon as she staggered over the white finishing line with a sustained ankle injury. At the end of the race, they both hugged each other in an act of unity that touched the hearts of many.

Sports injury accidents like these will always happen and no one can ever foresee them. However, for many runners, these falls can result in serious ligament tears and in some cases, even fine stress fractures.

Last thoughts…

Thankfully at Dr Usuelli’s world-renowned foot and ankle clinic, we have successfully treated many sports injuries and offer a range of non-invasive surgeries and therapeutic procedures. At our world-leading clinic we would also recommend all our patients use appropriate footwear to help decrease the danger of the problem recurring again. We congratulate both athletes in their careers and are thankful both athletes didn’t sustain any serious career threatening injuries from their falls.