Our feet and ankles are crucial in giving us stability and movement. However, we often take our ankle joints and feet for granted – choosing footwear that is incorrectly sized or without any protection when we walk or run. If you suffer from ankle arthritis then choosing the correct type of footwear is crucial for your health and wellbeing.

If you’re suffering from ankle arthritis and currently wearing incorrect footwear then this can aggravate your arthritis and cause future injury problems concerning your joints and ankles, further on down the line.

Below are the top 3 shoes you should consider wearing if you suffer from ankle arthritis:

Sports Trainers

Many people with ankle arthritis opt for athletic shoes because they have a compact, softened midsole that helps cushion the impact of the foot against the ground when you walk. The soft bouncy padding inside the sports shoe will help to also evenly distribute a person’s weight and absorb sudden impacts to the feet and ankles. However, if you do decide on buying a sports shoe then we recommend that you have your feet professionally measured and that you speak to a professional foot specialist. Sadly many sports shop assistants give incorrect advice and fail to properly assess an individual’s feet. Try on many sports shoes and see which one best suits you.

Walking Boots

For many people in the UK who suffer from ankle arthritis and foot and ankle injuries, walking boots can be a great option. People with ankle arthritis opt for walking boots as they have firm, rubber-soled heels that grip the ground and offer a great arch support. Walking boots are normally quite robust and provide your ankles with great protection.

Although walking boots are generally very robust, you also need to make sure they are supple. Walking boots that are inflexible and rigid may negatively impact your balance and gait.

Foot Gloves

At first, these new walking shoes may seem a little whacky and look like you’re wearing gloves on your feet, but the truth is they actually offer a certain level of protection and grip when you walk on uneven ground. Their design means that each one of your toes has space between them to breath and move. Similar to how a glove operates, these foot gloves allow your toes to move freely without being constricted. The only downs side to them is that they fail to offer shock-absorption for your foot bones as your feet and ankles experience trauma walking over hard terrain. However, the shoes do offer some level of foot and ankle protection and offer great grip.

There you have it! Three top shoes to wear if you suffer from ankle arthritis. At Federico Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic we regularly see many UK patients suffering from ankle arthritis. Contact our foot and ankle clinic today and book a consultation.