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Dr Camilla Maccario - Dr Federico Usuelli's Equipe

Dr. Camilla Maccaro graduated with top grades in Medicine and Surgery at the Univerità degli Studi of Milan. Her specialisation process in Orthopaedics began at Gaetano Pini Orthopaedics Institute. Here the encounter with Professor Walter Albisetti – Doctor of the Scala Theatre in Milan- and her great love for dance, built her interest in the foot and ankle.

By entering the team she was able to examine in depth the study of the foot and ankle and combining it to her knowledge of her life’s passion: dance. This has allowed her to develop special abilities regards to the problems which this art, as well as similar disciplines, can induce in its practitioners.

Today, in 2014, Dr. Maccario, thanks to my stimulus, works in the United States, Baltimore, at the Union Memorial Hospital (with the patronage of the John Hopkins University) and at the Mercy Hospital under the guidance of Dr Schon and Dr Myers, two American masters of the foot and ankle surgery. Here she is partially active in studies regarding new biotechnologies for the regeneration of cartilage not yet available in Europe as well as in studies researching new prosthetic implants for the cure of ankle arthritis.

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dr Miriam Grassi - Dr Federico Usuelli's Equipe

Dr. Miriam Grassi began her professional career at the Orthopaedic institute Galeazzi IRCCS of Milan in 2007 after her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Università degli Studi in Milan.

During her specialisation studies, she had the privilege of working with the most expert prosthetic and arthroscopic surgeons of the knee in Italy.

She is specialised in Orthopaedics and Traumatology with particular focus on the corporeal district of the inferior limbs. Being extremely precise and methodic, Dr Grassi is an important reference point for the team and for my patients in her role of activities coordinator of the research department.

She is involved in a series of scientific projects of the development team, in regards to non insertional achilles tendinosis, biological reconstructions of the heel through AMIC technique and ankle prosthesis.

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