The meeting held on the 30th of June was particularly important. The first meeting since CASCO – Foot and Ankle exists.

There are a lot of reasons to smile: finally, we have our own identity, which enables us to develop the surgery and research activity independently.

Finally we are part of a macro-division, aimed at the articular reconstruction of the lower limbs.

This last aspect broadens our horizons and, necessarily, our Journal Club theme.

Today we talk about how the lower limb deformities can affect the ankle function and how to treat them in its complexity.


The topics will be organised as follows:

        “Lateral ankle and hindfoot instability: A new clinical based classification”, “Posterior Talar Shifting in Mobile-Bearing Total Ankle Replacement”, “Clinical Outcome and Fusion Rate Following Simultaneous Subtalar Fusion and Total Ankle Arthroplasty”. Dr. Guelfi began the panel by summarising our most recent works, in order to take stock of the situation and plan the future developments at their best;

        “Correlation of Knee and Hindfoot Deformities in Advanced Knee OA: Compensatory Hindfoot Alignment and Where It Occurs”. Keeping the continuity with the previous Journal Club topic (“suprasegmental” deformities and ankle arthrosis), Dr. Maccario illustrated the crucial role the subtalar joint has in compensating for lower limb deformities;

        “Classification and Treatment of Supramalleolar Deformities”. Proceeding in a “distal” sense, Dr. Tamini talked about the classification suggested by Barg on the “supramalleolar” deformities and the treatment principles of saving the joint which they derive from;

        “Effect of Supramalleolar Osteotomy and Total Ankle Replacement on Talar Position in the Varus Osteoarthritic Ankle: A Comparative Study”. Dr. Indino dealt with the deformity topic, in ankle “varus deformity” and the comparison between the “prosthetic” and “osteotomy” treatment;

        “Surgical Strategies: The Management of Varus Ankle Deformity with Joint Replacement”. To stay on the same topic, Dr. Manzi brought us back to the USA: how to face the problem of the correction of a varus ankle deformity during the “prosthetic” replacement interventions;

        “Effect of anterior translation of the talus on outcomes of three-component total ankle Arthroplasty”. Proceeding “distally” in the CORA deformities analysis, Dr. D’Ambrosi will illustrate the possible consequences of a “sagittal” malalignment of the talus bone on an ankle prosthesis, and will compare these results with the ones achieved by our office, which concern the “sagittal malalignment”;

        “Insert Position in Three-Component Total Ankle Replacement”. Lastly, proceeding with a beloved topic to us, the “sagittal malalignment”, Dr. Di Silvestri will talk about how it modifies itself after an ankle prosthesis surgery with anterior approach, by comparing the results of this paper with the experience gained in the ankle prosthetic field with lateral “transfibular” approach.

Our “special guests” of the evening

The panel was enriched with the presence of Carmelo Messina, as delegate from Radiology department of Galeazzi, supervised by Prof. Sconfienza; Federico Valli, as delegate from CASCO Unity, supervised by Dr. Ursino; Piero Tecchio, as delegate from Orthopedics department of Policlinico, supervised by Dr. Solimeno.

Thank you very much for the time we spend together.

Our results and our goals are all thanks to you.