As always, our Journal Club 7th edition has taken place this March too, and the subject matter of the evening has been the “ankle and subtalar lateral instability”. Specifically, the topics were many and they let us develop the main one, accurately:

1 – RICCARDO – Lateral ankle and hindfoot instability: A new clinical based classification. Foot and Ankle Surg. 2014. Usuelli et al.

We started with outlining the classification, which will be the schedule of the evening. It was introduced by Riccardo, who had already presented this topic during the November Journal Club.

2 – CRISTIAN – Treatment of Varus Ankle Osteoarthritis and Instability with a Novel Mortise-Plasty osteotomy procedure. Journ Foot Ank Surg. 2016. Kobayashi et al.

As per order, we began talking about axial deformities.
Taking the cue from a recently-described new technique, we discussed about the role of tibial osteotomies.

3 – CAMILLA – Operative Management of Ankle Instability: reconstruction with open and percutaneous methods. Foot Ankle Clin N AM. 2006. Espinosa et al.

Then we went on with the ligamentous instability. Through this article, we examined some of the most popular surgical techniques, highlighting the comparison between open and percutaneous, anatomical and not-anatomical techniques, by analyzing them according to the patients’ (athletic or not) functional requests.

4 – CLAUDIA – Activity Level and function after lateral ankle ligament repair versus reconstruction.

It is a recent study which analyses the functional outcomes in terms of return to sports activity, by comparing the “repair” and “reconstruction” of injuries.

5 – FEDERICO – Anatomical Reconstruction of the anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments with an all-arthroscopic surgical technique. Orth & Traum: Surg Res. 2014 Guilo et al.

Let’s go further with the arthroscopic reconstruction. We took the cue from this surgical technique in order to discuss about its limits and potentialities.

6 – LUIGI – Minimally invasive surgical treatment for chronic ankle instability: a systematic review. Knee Surg Sports Traumatolog Arthrosc. 2016. Matsui et al.

To stay on the mini-invasivity topic, we discussed about this recent review regarding the percutaneous treatments of ankle chronic instability.

7 – RICCARDO – Return to sport following acute lateral ligament repair of the ankle in professional athletes. Knee Surg Sports Traumatolog Arthrosc. 2015. White et al.

“Difficult” patients: the athletes. Is there any space in elite sports for acute injuries repairs?

8 – JACOPO – Peritalar Symposium. Subtalar Instability: Diagnosis and Treatment. Foot & Ankle Int. 2012. Barg et al.

Subtalar instability.

And to conclude, Jacopo raised the issue of an often unrecognized pathology: subtalar instability.
This Journal Club too has been very productive, for all of us.
We have analysed a complex and often unrecognized topic, though very important and not rare.
As always, thank you everybody for having participated with the usual enthusiasm and… see you soon at the next meeting, at Usuelli’s house!