Below are ten interesting facts about ankle sprains. Read the following facts and look forward to a quick and easy recovery process.

  1. Did you know that pain often felt within your ankle is associated with suffering some kind of ankle sprain? Whenever we sprain our ankle, our body will respond by becoming inflamed. When our ankle becomes swollen, this often causes pain. We always recommend to our patients that they apply a cold press to their ankle to help reduce their pain and swelling.
  1. Another interesting fact, is that the human ankle is the most frequently sprained joint within the human body!
  1. Most often, when a person suffers an ankle sprain they also end up injuring their connecting ligaments. Our ligaments join bones to other bones and so, when we bend our ankle joints out of position, we often end up often suffering from a sprained ankle.
  1. Patients suffering from an ankle sprain often document feeling the three classic signs. These include pain in the ankle joint, inflammation, and internal bleeding causing the skin to become discoloured.
  1. Typically, a person sprains their ankle by often twisting inwardly. Because the ankle joint is connected to ligaments, these can easily be ripped resulting in inflammation, and ankle bruising.
  1. Ankle sprains should always be assessed and diagnosed by a qualified medical orthopaedic professional. At Dr Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic, we have successfully treated many patients from the UK and helped them rehabilitate to full health, following our advanced treatment program.
  1. The time it takes for a person to recover from an ankle sprain depends on the severity of the injury and the level of specialist treatment on offer. We always recommend that you see us for a diagnosis and special treatment program before we provide a timeframe on your recovery.
  1. Whilst your injured ankle recovers, it temporarily become frailer and less steady than your other undamaged ankle. Patience is key and we advise all of our patients to take their time and not rush as they recover.
  1. When you have initially injured your ankle, never apply hot liquid to the area. Heat will increase the flow of blood and lead to further pain and swelling. Always apply a cold ice pack wrapped in a cloth to your sprained ankle to help reduce the swelling and pain.
  1. Around 50,000 people living within the UK suffer ankle sprains each and every day! Ankle sprain injuries are incredibly common and it’s vital you contact a specialised orthopaedic professional as soon as you suffer injury.

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