Our feet and ankles are crucial for us in our everyday lives. They provide us with balance and mobility and are extremely important limbs. With this in mind, below are 20 fascinating facts about our feet and ankles you may or may not already know! Remember to check for any foot and ankle injuries you may have and visit a professional qualified orthopaedic surgeon if you have any discomfort. Enjoy!

  1. The average human being will walk approximately 115,000 miles during their lifespan, which is the same as walking four times around the planet!
  1. On average you walk approximately 1,000 miles per year.
  1. Our feet act as natural shock absorbers, cushioning roughly about a million lbs of pressure within sixty minutes of extensive exercise.
  1. Did you know that the human foot has twenty eight bones and thirty-five joints?
  1. The sweat glands in the human foot will produce nearly half a pint of moisture every day.
  1. Toenails grow faster during hot seasons, adolescence and pregnancy.
  1. The Ancient Romans were the first to create left and right shoes.
  1. Back in 1325, King Edward ii invented the first metric in England for measuring shoe sizes. One full shoes size equated to the diameter of one barley comb (a third of an inch).
  1. When we walk, whenever we raise our heel above the floor it makes our toes take half of our entire body weight.
  1. It’s very unlikely that two feet are ever identical; generally one foot is always a lot bigger than the other one.
  1. Early man used animal skins for shoes during the Ice Age and Stone Age.
  1. The best form of exercise for our feet is simply walking. Walking helps circulate your blood flow, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.
  1. Our feet are the first places which help highlight medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, as well as neurological and cardiovascular ailments.
  1. Arthritis is one of the major disabling diseases effecting adults in the UK. Ankle Arthritis stops many UK adults from walking and dressing themselves and even simple everyday tasks such as bathing and showering.
  1. Shockingly, nearly 70% of diabetics have various levels of diabetic neurological impairment. In very extreme and severe cases this can lead to limb amputations.
  1. Twenty-five percent of our bones are found in the human foot.
  1. Our feet contain around 250,000 sweat glands.
  1. On average we take approximately four thousand to six thousand daily footsteps.
  1. Akshat Saxena is the current Guinness World Record holder for having the world’s highest number of toes on each foot, totalling ten toes on each limb!
  1. Roughly thirty percent of the global population have Morton’s Toe; a foot ailment where a person’s second digit is longer than the big toe

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