Today in the UK, many people suffer from ankle arthritis . The ailment can cause discomfort and stop many people from doing previous activities they once enjoyed. Here are 3 ankle arthritis symptoms beginning with the letter ‘I’ that you may already recognise:


Your ankle becomes inflamed when your bones rub together which then causes the ankle to stiffen and become less flexible. Many patients document their ankle mobility becoming heavily reduced and find it harder to move their feet and toes freely. The patient’s ankle cartilage will often degrade, as their ankle bones grind together. Patients can often experience pain and notice heavy swelling.


A lot of UK patients will notice that their ankle joints have become very stiff when they try and move after being in a static position. Many patients find it hard to move around if they have been resting for a long period of time and not mobilised their ankle or performed light ankle exercise.


Many patients in the UK have reported on feeling an irritating discomfort in the lower area of their shin bone as well as other areas around their feet. The sensation is either a dull, throbbing pain or a sharp, sudden one, which can come on at irregular times of the day and vary in levels of intensity. To relieve the swelling, many patients ensure that their legs are elevated above the ground.

Get a Diagnosis

Often many people continue their lives in discomfort and with swollen ankles unable to take part in previous physical activities they once enjoyed. If you are experiencing ankle arthritis then you don’t have to continue in pain or to go untreated. At Federico Usuelli’s leading clinic, he is leading the way forward in ankle arthritis care. Dr Federico Usuelli is one of the world’s leading orthopaedic surgeons and continuously and effectively diagnoses and helps reduce the pain for many UK patients suffering from ankle arthritis.


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