What Is a Sprained Ankle?

Ankle sprains are of the most common injuries sustained by UK patients. This injury can happen when we overstretch or tear the ligaments that help support our ankles. Ankle sprains can be sustained by simply twisting or falling or even by suddenly shifting all of your weight on to your ankle.

Many ankle sprains can restore themselves to full health without needing a lot of treatment. Sometimes, patients can suffer more severe ankle sprain injuries and require more attention. Below are the three grades of ankle sprains, categorised by the severity of trauma sustained to the ligaments:

Grade 1. Ankle Sprain

This mild ankle sprain injury is very common and can be caused by a person simply overstretching their ligaments. If you play an active sport such as football or tennis, you can easily sustain a mild ankle sprain injury by overstretching when you serve on the court or overstretch when making a tackle on the pitch. Patients diagnosed with a grade 1 ankle sprain will experience a sore sensation on the ankle area and can discover slight inflammation as well.

Grade 2. Ankle Sprain

This moderate ankle sprain is slightly more painful than Grade 1 and occurs when a person moderately tears their ligaments, resulting in a wobbly feeling within the ankle joint. A person will also experience feelings of discomfort where their ankle will remain inflamed for a period of time. A person suffering with a grade 2 ankle sprain may be unable to place any body weight on to their foot and ankle.

Grade 3. Ankle Sprain

This severe ankle sprain happens when a person completely rips their ankle ligament. A person who tears their ankle ligaments will experience a high level of discomfort and notice huge inflammation on their ankles as well. This type of injury is often reported in the news regarding footballers who have torn their ligaments during a competitive match and been out for a small period of time. In these circumstances, a person will notice their ankle is feeling wobbly and unstable and will not be able to place weight on to their injured foot and ankle as soon as they sustain the injury.

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