The British autumn season has arrived! For many people living in the UK, the change of season means a drop in temperature; and many will ensure their feet are nice and warm by wearing thicker, thermal socks and protective boots. During the autumn, it’s so important that you protect your feet and ankles during the colder seasons. Failing to do so can cause a person to experience potential foot and ankle injuries. At Dr Federico Usuelli’s leading orthopaedic clinic, we help many UK patients during the winter seasons who are suffering from ankle sprains, foot and ankle swellings and other orthopaedic injuries. With this in mind, below are 3 top tips that will help you evade potential foot and ankle conditions and injuries this autumn.

Tip 1: Protective Footwear

Winter feet care

One of the greatest investments you can make this autumn is in protective footwear. Protective footwear is crucial in ensuring your feet and ankles stay secure as you walk and run during the cold season.

Water Resistant

– During the autumn period, the weather is typically freezing and damp and so you can be more likely to pick up potential foot ailments like blisters etc. Wearing a pair of water resistant shoes will help to make sure your feet are warm and dry as you walk across wet terrain.

Warm, thick Socks

– Ensure your feet stay warm this autumn by wearing thick, warm socks. However, if your socks are too restricted, this can result in painful sores and blisters, whilst also aggravating any existing bunions. Restricted socks can also cause unwarranted perspiration. In comparison, if your socks offer no protection then this can provide you with inadequate support increasing the likelihood of you suffering from a sprained ankle or even a fractured ankle as you walk or run.

Good Sole Support

– Having shoes that provide a strong grip can really help protect you from future foot and ankle injuries. Therefore, make sure your shoes have good sole support so your footwear can grip the ground as you walk over ground which may be slippery.

Thermal Socks

Our feet are really important in helping humans keep a steady body temperature. Thermal socks are a great way of keeping our feet warm. By keeping our feet warm then this will also help to keep the rest of our body warm.

Tip 2: Body Cleansing

Feet moisturizer

Our feet can often become dry during the colder seasons, especially in the autumn when the temperature drops. Many people can also experience discomfit from cracked skin.

Moisturise your Feet

– Invest in a good moisturising cream and ensure your feet remain smooth and without any skin cracks or calluses.

Protect Your Feet

– Avoid soaking your feet too often every day as this can also lead to cracked and damaged feet.

Tip 3 – Orthopaedic Tips

Winter security

Be Aware – During the colder months, ankle fractures and ankle sprains are very common. Because the terrain may be covered in fallen leaves or ice, ensure that you do not rush around or slip over as you walk. Take your time and be extra careful where you step during this autumn.


Although in autumn, the season is cooler and it’s very appealing staying inside and getting warm, it’s really important you also ensure you exercise your feet and ankles. By moving around you will help circulate the blood flow, especially in your feet which in turn, will keep you warm. By not boosting your blood circulation, you can develop many health problems, including increasing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

So there you have it; 3 top tips for your feet and ankles this autumn. At Federico Usuelli’s world-famous Italian foot and ankle clinic we advise all our UK patients to ensure their feet and ankles are protected all year round and not just in autumn. Dr Federico Usuelli is one of the world’s leading foot and ankle surgeons in the world and is offering unrivalled orthopaedic care to all English speaking patients. So, if you have any questions regarding your feet or you want to book a consultation with Dr Federico Usuelli, then please contact our foot and ankle clinic today!