If you’ve recently injured your foot or ankle and need to recover for several weeks, many patients abandon their fitness routines and take time out from the gym. If you’re naturally active and a gym enthusiast, then spending several weeks away from any physical exercise can seem more painful than the actual injury itself. However, being out of action with a foot or ankle injury doesn’t always mean that that you have to avoid all exercise.

Just because your usual exercise and gym routine is out of bounds doesn’t mean there’s not alternative exercise routines you can take to get in shape. With this in mind, below are a few alternative exercises you can try if you’ve injured your foot or ankle.

Central Body Workouts

If you’ve injured your foot or ankle then you can still safely workout your abdominal muscles. Exercises that focus on your abdominal muscles are a safe bet when you have a foot injury. Stomach crunches, leg workouts and press ups help build your core without causing any additional injury to your foot or ankles.

Upper Body Workout Machines

Many gym machines focus on your upper or lower body. If you’re carrying a foot or ankle injury, or have foot and ankle cartilage damage then these gym machines can be used to safely work out your chest, back, shoulders and legs without further injuring your foot and ankle injuries.

Make A Splash!

Subject to the severity of your foot or ankle injury, swimming can be a great alternative way of building muscle and burning calories. Treading water is a great exercise to take which helps strengthen surrounding areas of your body.

Go Barefoot

If you find yourself lucky enough to recover from a foot and ankle injury whilst on holiday and near to a beach, then a great way of strengthening your foot and ankle muscles is by walking bare foot. Because the beach has an unstable surface it’s perfect for strengthening your foot and ankle muscles whilst also improving your balance.

Closing thoughts…

We always advise you to speak with us at our leading foot and ankle clinic before undertaking any type of alternative exercise. We offer unrivalled diagnosis and treatment of all foot and ankle injury and will help you on your road to a quick recovery.