Ankle arthritis  effects so many people living in the UK. The foot ailment can often leave many people in considerable discomfort and hinder them from living an active, mobile life. If you are suffering from ankle arthritis then you may recognise the various associated facts and symptoms below.

What is Ankle Arthritis?

Arthritis in a person’s ankle often effects the ankle joint. In particular, ankle arthritis effects the cartilage, bones and tissue adjoining the ankle joint, ligaments and muscles.

Ankle Arthritis Symptoms

  • Obvious discomfort and sensitivity
  • Tissue inflammation surrounding the ankle joint
  • Rigidity
  • Ankle joint abnormality
  • Soreness caused by swelling


A patient can often notice that their ankle is swollen. This symptom is often caused because of bones grinding together. Swollen ankles make it very difficult for a patient to wear certain shoes and can stop them from walking or moving around.  Degradation of a patient’s ankle cartilage also happens when their ankle bones rub together.


Ridgitidy is another symptom often experienced by UK patients suffering with ankle arthritis. Many patients can find moving around very difficult and so may spend a lot of time sitting down or resting. When they do eventually decide to mobilise their ankles and joints, they can find their ankles stiffening up which can cause them a great deal of discomfort.


If you experience a crunching sensation or hear a popping sound as you flex or extend your toes, then this can point to your surrounding cartilage wearing away. Tiny fragments of free cartilage or bone from within the ankle joint can cause this cracking or popping sensation. Medical professionals label this particular symptom as ‘crepitus.’

 Quick Diagnosis

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms associated with ankle arthritis then it is recommended that you immediately see a medical professional for a diagnosis. At Federico Usuelli’s leading orthopaedic clinic, he is leading the way forward in ankle arthritis diagnosis and care. As one of the world’s number one orthopaedic surgeons, he will personally help diagnose and reduce your pain using the latest in advanced therapies and treatments.

 Last Thoughts

If you are an English speaking patient currently suffering with ankle arthritis and want to receive the latest pain relief treatments, then please contact our foot and ankle clinic today!