Sprained Ankle?

Ankle sprains are extremely common in the UK. Whenever we overstretch or suddenly twist our ankles we can sustain this type of ankle injury.

A lot of ankle sprains fully recover without a patient needing surgery. If you think you may have sprained your ankle then this article will help you identify which ankle sprain level you are at.

Top Level

This is the most popular type of ankle sprain injury and effects many patients within the UK. If you play an active sport, such as football or even enjoy long distance running, then you will be at a risk of sustaining an ankle injury. Level 1 ankle sprains will cause a patient to usually feel a soreness around their ankle area and for them to experience inflammation.

Medium Level

Level 2 ankle sprains are a lot more painful than typical ankle sprains as a patient will document an unsteady ankle sensation around the joint. This type of injury will be associated with a ligament tear leaving the ankle area inflamed and the patient unable to assert any weight on to their ankle.

High Level

This high level ankle sprain is the most severe and can involve a patient completely tearing their ankle ligament. When a ligament suffers a tear then the person will suffer severe pain and swelling to their ankle area. Many footballers who have sustained this type of injury include, Gareth Bale, Rooney and Beckham have been unable to play for a small period of time. These injuries can be easily caused by playing competitive sports but also happen from simple falls doing everyday activities.

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