Here are five details beginning with the letter ‘F’ for ankle sprains. These five easy to remember ankle sprain truths are a great way of educating ourselves about ankle injuries. Enjoy!

Fifty Thousand UK Ankle Sprains Every Day!

  1. Roughly about 50,000 UK citizens experience ankle sprains daily! This is an unbelievably high statistic. Because ankle sprain injuries are so high in the UK, it’s so important that you follow the medical advice from qualified orthopaedic professionals as soon as you receive a diagnosis and treatment program.

Familiar Ankle Sprain Symptoms

  1. We see many UK patients at our orthopaedic clinic, and whenever we do, we generally have them recall three familiar ankle sprain symptoms: 1) ankle discomfort, 2) ankle swelling 3) ankle bruising. If you have any of these then please see a registered medical professional as soon as possible.

Frequent Sprains

  1. Did you know that our ankle joints are the most repeatedly sprained joints in our body? This is true with many UK citizens suffering painful ankle sprains each and every year alone.

Familiarity of Ligament Damage

  1. In many situations whenever a person experiences an ankle sprain injury, they can also injure the connecting ligaments. Ligaments help connect bones to one another, so when we twist our joints out of place, a sprained ankle can often arise.

Find a Cold Compress!

  1. Reduce ankle swelling by applying a cold ice press to the area. Never apply heat to your sprained ankle as this will increase your flow of blood and result in additional discomfort and swelling.


If you have any questions regarding ankle injuries or have even sprained your ankle, then please contact our foot and ankle clinic now for a consultation!