Below are four bunion surgery myths that aren’t true. By reading our four myth busters for bunions we hope you will be better informed on bunion surgery.

  1. Bunion surgery is painful. (False)

This is not true! At Dr Federico Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic, when it is absolutely necessary for an operation, then a less painful solution is minimally invasive surgery. This advanced technique helps to reduce a patient’s discomfort, blood loss, post-operative inflammation whilst also offering a quicker recovery time compared to more orthodox operations. This advanced technique also helps to reduce skin incisions and extensive damage to the soft tissues. Many patients can further reduce post operation pain by ensuring that their feet are elevated to help reduce swelling and discomfort.

  1. Bunions will return after surgery. (False)

Although bunion reappearance is likely in some particular cases, it is a real rarity. We see many of our patients for regular bunion check-ups and recommend special orthopaedic shoe supports that avert unwarranted rubbing against the foot.

  1. You can spend months in plaster. (False)

This a very old myth and not true. Today, because of the advances in orthopaedic technology and care, many patients can wear surgical shoes for up to a month and a half. In rare circumstances, patients can wear plaster casts and use crutches, but only in incidences where extremely large bunions have been removed and incisions to the bone have been made. Specialised post-op supportive shoes can be worn by the patient two weeks after a bunion procedure. Many UK patients return to work within a fortnight. However if a patient has a job that demands a lot of walking, then they might require a two month absence signed off by their doctor.

  1. You should only remove sore bunions. (False)

Although painful bunions can be the reason many patients opt to have them removed, it is not the sole reason. Many patients suffering with bunions find it hard to wear shoes or take part in active sports. A patient may also feel self-conscious of the way their feet look and feel depressed. We successfully treat many UK patients suffering with bunions and the reasons for them needing their treatment and surgery can vary dramatically.

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