Caring for your children’s feet is crucial for their future development. As your child grows, so too does their bones and so it’s so important to ensure their feet and ankles are properly monitored and looked after. By looking after your child’s feet today, you will safeguard them tomorrow and help protect them from future ankle issues, much later on down the line. This article addresses the importance of healthy, happy children’s feet. Enjoy!

3 Toddler Foot Shapes

To begin with, your toddler will typically fall in to the three hereditary foot profiles.

  • Square: Baby’s toes are all identical in size.
  • Rounded: Baby’s second/ third toe is more extended than the large toe.
  • Tapered: Baby’s large toe is the largest of all their toes

Familiarise your Child’s Feet

  • It’s recommended that you try and avoid putting restricted socks or shoes on your baby. This is because your child needs to freely move their toes and feet as they learn how to mobilise their limbs and ankle joints.
  • Correctly sized shoes are so important at an early age of development and so make sure your child’s feet are comfortable and protected as they grow. Make sure you have your child’s feet properly measured.
  • Foot hygiene is also crucial as your child can be susceptible to foot related diseases as their immune system is very weak. Ensure that you regularly inspect your child’s feet and that they are regularly cleaned. If your child has experienced a foot and ankle injury then it’s vital you have them regularly seen to by a qualified, medical professional.

Closing thoughts…

Your children’s feet deserve the care and protection they need for a healthy, bright future. At Federico Usuelli’s world-renowned orthopaedic clinic, we effectively diagnose and treat growing numbers of English speaking children, with a wide-range of foot disorders. So, if you would like to book an early consolation with a friendly member of our team, then please contact our orthopaedic clinic today.