With the winter now officially upon us in the UK, many parents are making sure their children’s feet are protected. This article focuses on the three winter foot tips every parent should take to safeguard their children’s feet. Enjoy!

 Winter Footwear

  1. Winter is a time where many parents buy their children warm, winter boots to help keep their small toes nice and warm. By wearing shoes that are too thin or not water resistant, many small children can develop sore feet and infections. Children’s wellington boots are great at keeping their toes nice and dry when they walk in wet weather or walk and splash through puddles. Shoes that are unsuitable and let water in can cause toes to become chapped and sore. Wet feet can cause the skin to become painful, sensitive and inflamed, which makes it more likely to blister.
  1. Your child’s feet can be vulnerable to many different types of foot bugs this winter as they play or walk in the park. Puddles and mud are breeding grounds for germs and if your child’s feet are exposed to these bugs then this can lead to foot diseases. Your child may not always tell you how their feet feel or if they have noticed any swelling or soreness. Foot diseases can quickly spread if children are not seen to at an early stage by a qualified, medical professional and so, make sure you take your child to the doctor for regular foot and ankle inspections.
  1. As your child continues their development and their feet grow, it’s vital you buy them shoes which are the correct size so their feet are secure and protected. You can make sure their feet are regularly measured and that you ask them how their shoes feel when they come back from a walk or from playschool. Communicating with you child about their feet enables you to closely monitor their foot health at all times.


This winter make sure your child’s feet are properly protected. Your child’s feet are so important for their future foot health. That’s why at Federico Usuelli’s leading foot and ankle clinic, we ensure all child patient’s feet are properly looked after and given the highest standard in orthopaedic care and treatment. So, if you would like to book a friendly consolation with our team, then please contact our foot & ankle clinic today.