Did you know that a lot of toddlers walk high up on their tip toes? This is true. By the age of around three years old, many toddlers will adopt this gait when walking. There have been many leading orthopaedic studies on children’s feet, and reasons behind why many toddlers walk on their tip toes. Neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy may cause muscles to tighten near the calf area. However just because a toddler walks on their tip toes doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a neurological disease such as cerebral palsy. If you have a small child then the following article will help give important tips of what to look out for when protecting their feet as they continue their walk in to their new big, wild world. Enjoy!

Children’s Feet Need Attention

As your children’s feet develop, it’s crucial that you pay close attention to them as this will enable you to be more aware of any foot and ankle injuries in the future should they arise. Your children are at a very important time in their lives and their bones and muscles are advancing at an accelerated rate. By ensuring you pay close attention to their feet and ankles it will help them in the long run. 

Children’s Feet Tips

Avoid your baby or child wearing any socks or footwear that in any way restricts their movement. Make sure they have the mobility and freedom to move around freely without being in any way restricted.

  • Your baby and child’s feet are rapidly growing and so make sure they wear the correct size shoes as they develop. Also, regularly make sure their feet are measured to ensure that they wear the correct sized shoe.
  • Your child’s foot hygiene is also very important. By making sure their feet are clean you are ensuring that they are less likely to pick up any foot related diseases.
  • Because your small child is unable to properly verbalise their feelings, make sure you look out for any foot and ankle injuries or discomfort that they may have. Ensure your children’s feet are also regularly seen by a qualified orthopaedic, medical professional.

Final thoughts…

Your children’s feet are so important as they continue their journey through life. At Dr Federico Usuelli’s world-renowned foot and ankle clinic in Italy, we are proud to have effectively diagnosed and treated many children’s foot disorders. Our Italian orthopaedic clinic is leading the way forward in advanced children’s orthopaedic care and so we regularly see UK speaking patients from all over the world.