Many people within the UK suffer from bunions (Hallux valgus) and corns.  If you suffer from bunions or corns then you may experience discomfort and have questions on this topic. If this is the case, then below are four popular questions regarding bunions and corns which should help you understand more about these orthopaedic conditions.

  1. What is the difference between bunions and corns?

A corn is a skin growth found near your toes knuckles or occasionally amid your toes. These are formed on parts of your foot where there is excessive levels of pressure. Often when we wear ill-fitting shoes this can cause parts of our feet to rub and the person may experience a corn.  In comparison, a bunion refers to the enflamed hard bump situated at the base of your toe joint. A bunion will usually protrude outwards.

  1. What causes bunions to form?

Similarly to corns, bunions can be caused by friction due to a person wearing ill-fitting shoes that are too tight or because of other factors, such as genetics, deteriorating joint ailment, rheumatoid arthritis, and sometimes even from injuries.

  1. When should you see a medical professional about a bunion? How can they be treated?

If you are suffering from bunions then it is highly recommended that you see a medical professional to diagnose and treat your bunions. You should do so when you notice the following conditions:

  • Discomfort especially when you wear various shoes.
  • You find it hard to fit in to most shoes.
  • You notice frequent abrasions on the bunions.

Bunions are treated effectively both surgically and non-surgically. At Dr Federico Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic, many UK patients have been given minimally invasive surgery. This leading-edge process not only reduces discomfort, inflammation and a loss of blood, it also provides a quicker recovery time for UK patients.

  1. Will bunions reoccur after treatment? Is there anything that can prevent their formation?

It is very rare that bunions can reoccur after this type of advanced surgery. However if this does happen then it is advised to book yourself in for another diagnosis, immediately.

Final thoughts…

Dr Federico Usuelli is one of the world’s most leading surgeons within bunion care and regularly and effectively treats many UK patients suffering with bunions. Visit Dr Federico Usuelli’s advanced orthopaedic clinic now.  Contact us for a foot and ankle consultation today.