Last Saturday was dubbed the biggest UFC grudge match in recent times and fight fans weren’t left disappointed, when Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz stepped in to the octagon and put on the fight of the year, at UFC 202. McGregor claimed victory after a bloody battle but unfortunately for the Irish warrior, it may have come at a price.

During the fight, McGregor sustained visible ankle swelling to his left leg and it is rumoured he may have fractured his foot and ankle against Diaz. He battled on continuing to use both of his legs to land devastating powerful kicks to Diaz. However, as the ankle swelling worsened McGregor began to slow down and after the match he was assessed by a medical professional.

McGregor is now registered as having an ankle injury with the Nevada State Athletic Commissioners council. If he has in fact sustained a fracture to his foot and ankle he may have to undergo a lengthy two month minimum recovery program before stepping back in to the octagon.

Cause of Injury

McGregor’s strategy was to slow down and weaken the advancing Diaz throughout their fight and he did this by delivering powerful leg strikes to Diaz’s legs. It is suspected that the Irish fighter suffered his foot and ankle sporting injury due to delivering a high number of kicks to his opponent’s legs.

At the moment, McGregor is undergoing a series of further foot and ankle injury assessments and he’s waiting to see if the suspected foot and ankle fracture is in fact a less significant injury. Fight fans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping they see the Irish fighter return to the ring as soon as possible. Post fight, McGregor said his shin was a bit sore but didn’t think it was a serious injury. It’s reported that McGregor’s coach, Kavanagh believed the fighter’s injury was in relation to a previous injury and unrelated to the match against Diaz on Saturday.

Bones: Stress Fractures

Bone fractures are not necessarily connected to a severe injury. In reality, tiny but frequent trauma can result in stress fractures. With McGregor’s situation, this may have happened as he is constantly using his legs in training and fights.


In many of these cases minimally invasive surgery with percutaneous synthesis is recommended and can produce better results compared to more orthodox surgical procedures. As the world-leading foot and ankle specialist we recommend assessing each patient’s injury before diagnosis and treatment is concluded.

Closing thoughts…

We see many patients from the UK who have suffered suspected foot and ankle fractures or had ankle swelling from a combat sport. Our success speaks for itself and so, if you suspect you may have a foot and ankle injury or would like us to look at your ankle swelling then please contact our foot and ankle clinic today.

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