Ankle Osteoarthritis effects many people living within the UK. However many people are unaware of the initial signs and symptoms. With this in mind, below is a list of characteristic indicators of ankle arthritis.

Ankle Discomfort

Some patients can feel sudden discomfort in the bottom part of their shin (tibia), and around various areas of their foot. The pain is a dull, sharp aching pain that can appear and then reappear at various levels of intensity. In the beginning stages of ankle arthritis, a lot of patients experience discomfort after taking part in an activity where they’ve placed a lot of pressure on their ankle joint. Normally, after a patient experiences this type of ankle pain, they can reduce their discomfort by ensuring their foot is raised and the inflammation is reduced by pressing an ice pack on their ankle.

Ankle rigidity

You may notice that your ankle is slightly inflamed. Inflammation and bones rubbing together make the ankle rigid and less supple. Your ankle’s mobility is reduced and you may find it hard to wiggle and even stretch your toes.

Try to Move

Your ankles may develop stiffness if you don’t move around. A lot of the patients that we see in our clinic suffering from ankle osteoarthritis often report stiffness and discomfort first thing in the morning when they get up out of their beds or up from a seat after spending a long time not moving.

Ankle Inflammation

When a person’s ankle cartilage breaks down, their other bones surrounding the ankle grind against one another. This will cause a person to experience severe discomfort and ankle inflammation.

Don’t Go Untreated

Many people within the UK suffer in silence when it comes to ankle arthritis and try their best to put up with the discomfort. If you’re suffering with early or even late stages of ankle arthritis then don’t leave your condition untreated. We successfully diagnose and help reduce the pain and discomfort for many patients living in the UK, through our world-leading foot and ankle clinic. By not seeing a foot and ankle specialist about your ankle arthritis, your condition can worsen dramatically which will ultimately reduce your mobility in the long run.


So, if you feel that you have early signs and symptoms of ankle arthritis then please contact our foot and ankle clinic today. By seeing us as early as possible we can help slow down the development of these signs and symptoms associated with ankle arthritis.