Many people who play sport can sustain a foot and ankle sports injury over the course of their lifetime. From ankle sprains to heavy bruising, their feet and ankles sustain various levels of trauma throughout our active lives. This article details the lowdown on foot and ankle sports injuries and answers three major questions many patients ask. Enjoy!

What are the major foot and ankle sports injuries?

  1. Ankle sprains: One of the most common foot and ankle injuries in sport is a sprained ankle. This is due to the fact that the inside ankle is more steady than the outside ankle, this means that the foot has a greater chance of turning inwardly when a person makes a tackle, turns suddenly or leaps up in the air. This type of sudden movement can often rip or strain the ligaments; leading to an ankle sprain.
  1. Achilles tendon injury: The Achilles tendon is the toughest and biggest tendon joining the bottom leg muscles to the heel bone. Many sports like football, tennis and rugby cause the calf muscles to tighten and this can put added strain on to the tendon resulting in an Achilles tendon injury. Many sports stars can also suffer from this injury when they sustain trauma to their calf, foot and ankle in a competitive game.
  1. Overuse injuries: Sports stars who regularly train, like long distance runners and Olympic athletes for example, will put continuous strain on their feet and ankles. This type of strain can result in painful stress fractures and pulled or torn muscles.
  1. Shin splints: The shin bone, medically referred to as the Tibia, can experience shin splints, often the result of a stress fracture. If an athlete regularly over trains or wears ill-fitting footwear, then this can put themselves at a higher risk of sustaining this type of sports injury.

What particular activities result in foot and ankle sporting injuries?

Sports persons who leap in the air can put themselves at a higher risk of sustaining ankle sprains. Likewise, athletes who over train like runners for example, can equally put a lot of strain and stress on their ligaments and ankle joints. In addition, combat sports such as boxing and MMA result in the foot and ankle receiving continuous trauma resulting in fractures, bruising, ligament and cartilage damage and also ankle sprains.

Are there any other causes for foot and ankle sports injuries?

Yes, athletes who train across unpredictable, rocky and uneven terrain when running up peaks can suffer many foot and ankle injuries such as sprains and fractures.

Closing thoughts

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