One morning I woke up and, once I put my foot on the floor and started to walk, I realised that the walk I had taken around the shopping streets of Milan the day before, has left its mark on me. “Yet, I knew that I shouldn’t have put those shoes on for walking”, I said to myself. Too high the heel, too tight the tip, my big toe says thank you.

The dawn of hallux valgus

It was only a bother at the beginning, a numbness of the big toe (bunion) which was almost blending with the foot pain after a particularly active day or a busy evening. The pain tipically depended on the shoes I wore, so I avoided the most peculiar ones and high heels. However, it gradually became such a bother every time I wore a “not comfy” shoe, that I felt real pain every time I walked. In my imagination, the surgical operation needed to correct my hallux valgus was almost an aesthetic whim, the reason why I’ve stayed away from the idea of undergoing surgery for a very long time.

The hallux valgus operation


The fear of facing a surgery on one side and, on the other, the fact of being able to live with my foot anyway thanks to more comfortable yet less aesthetically pleasing shoes, has prevented me from informing myself accurately about what the operation really implies. If I had done it, I would have immediately found out that the operation for hallux valgus correction and its scheduling were much less complex than I thought. In fact, I was explained that the operation can be performed in day surgery, so that I will be allowed to go back home in the same day and therefore avoiding spending the night in the hospital. It’s only a 30-minute operation, and you can immediately walk after it by wearing a specific post-operating shoe, in order to be independent even inside a protected environment, such as the domestic one (at least for the first few days).

Considering the significant waiting time, some alternatives to the National Health System are also available, as well the not always accessible operation performed inside a clinic, such as some flat-rate systems which permit, at a lower cost, to schedule with a more moderate wait the whole operation.

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