Another English football match and another unfortunate foot and ankle injury. This time it was England and Spurs striker, Harry Kane’s turn to join the growing list of injured Premier League footballers this year with foot and ankle injuries. Harry Kane could have of injured his ankle ligaments in his team’s win over Sunderland. The sports injury is another example of how fragile player’s feet and ankles are when they play at such a high intensity, today.

Harry Kane scored the only goal of the game, winning the game for Tottenham but sadly ended up being stretchered off after colliding with Sunderland centre back, Papy Djilobodji.

Tottenham and England fans were left thinking the worst had happened as their star man was spotted exiting the stadium on support crutches and in a special protective foot and ankle boot supporting his right ankle.

Below are three possible foot and ankle injuries Harry Kane may have suffered:

Sprained ankle

Many footballers sprain their ankles during matches. Harry Kane could have of easily sprained his ankle ligaments when he overstretched to get to the ball before Djilobodji tackled him. Trauma caused by tackles or if a player turns over on their ankle can also cause serious ankle sprains. Although pitches have improved in recent years many UK patients playing Sunday League games can suffer injuries due to the terrible state of the pitches. Inflammation, and sensitivity of the ankle joint are typical symptoms experienced by patients.

Footballer’s ankle

Footballer’s ankle happens when a footballer traps ankle ligaments between bones. Many footballers suffer this injury and it often happens in the soft tissue of the ankle. Footballers, especially strikers who sustain continuous tackles by defenders, or if they twist and turn and overstretch can experience this type of injury. The foot and ankle injury stiffens ligaments, and sometimes may result in the ankle bone bashing the shin bone causing inflammation and bruising.

Lisfranc joint injury

Although a rare footballing injury, unlucky footballers can sustain a Lisfranc joint injury to the middle of their foot. The injury consists of either fragmented bones or severely ripped ligaments. This injury will result in heavy inflammation and bleeding concerning the centre of the foot and severe discomfort when placing weight on the injured area.

Many footballers who have sustained severe lisfranc injuries may usually need surgery after a proper diagnosis of the foot. We offer many non-invasive surgical procedures and we have effectively treated many UK patients suffering with severe foot and ankle injuries. With this type of injury, we always insist on providing a specialist diagnosis before recommending treatment.

At Dr Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic, we have effectively diagnosed and treated many UK patients suffering from similar footballing injuries to Harry Kane.

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