Heel pain can be the cause of many foot and ankle injuries in the UK. We rely on our heels for balance and so when we experience discomfort it can really affect our everyday life. Below are five symptoms of heel discomfort that UK patients should recognise.

Swollen Heels: Every person has a different way of walking. Because of this many people tend to direct all of their body weight on to the back of their foot where their heels are. People wearing unsupportive shoes which don’t protect their heels can experience many types of heel injuries and foot pain.

On-going Soreness: People who take heavy footsteps and wear shoes that are made from thin material that don’t offer protection and heel support can sustain ongoing heel soreness that can be a long term and ongoing foot ailment. We need a certain level of support and cushioning for our heels and if we don’t receive this and continue sustaining trauma to this area then the results can be long term discomfort.

Growth Plate Trauma:  Many younger UK patients who are active in various sports can sustain tiny traumatic impacts to their heel which negatively impacts on their growth plates where their bones are. A sports injury like this can be very painful and impact a young patients life who may find everyday activity like running or walking slightly uncomfortable.

Heel Abnormalities: This type of injury often effects young females who wear high heels whilst their bones are growing. By wearing high heels whilst your bones are developing can result in a bumpy heel caused by excessive bone development.

Calcaneus Stress Fractures: The calcaneus, (the heel bone) can sustain various stress fractures and it is extremely common in many athletes and people who are active in sports. It can also happen to anyone who has fallen from a height and landed heavily on their heel.

Heel Treatment

Prevention is sometimes the best cure and regarding heel discomfort it’s recommended that a person wears correct footwear, ensures their weight is down and that they do not over strain their heels.

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