Are you aware that many foot and ankle related injuries happen because of accidents concerning home DIY? Whether you’re overstretching when painting the walls or you suddenly twist your ankle as you put up new shelves, accidents can occure when we fail to look where we’re going. Below are 3 tips to help you safeguard yourself from a foot and ankle injury when attempting DIY: 

Wear Proper Footwear!

Many British people injure themselves by not wearing the correct footwear. When we do the DIY around our home, it’s common custom to put on an old pair of shoes that we don’t mind getting dirty. However, old shoes can cause injury as they fail to protect and support your feet and ankles, properly. If you are going to be bending down or twisting your ankles then opt for footwear that helps protect and support you when you do the DIY. If you’re working with heavy machinery or power tools make sure you wear heavy duty steel boots as they will protect your feet and ankles should anything heavy fall on them!

Go Easy with that Spade!

If you have to tarmac the driveway or maybe re-pot some plants, make sure you aren’t over digging as this will put a lot of strain on your feet and ankles. Many people can suffer severe ankle sprains, ankle cartilage damage and breaks by simply overdigging for long periods of time.

Stretch those Muscles!

Home DIY jobs like painting, plastering and gardening see us constantly twisting and turning our feet and ankles particularly when we use heavy tools. Many injuries occure when we simply fail to warm up our muscles and the ankle and feet areas. For those of you anticipating some home DIY but carrying an old foot and ankle injury, then we recommend you warm up and stretch out those muscles before starting any jobs around your home.

There you have it, 3 easy tips to follow to help protect your feet and ankles from injury. By sticking to these three safety tips you will dramatically reduce the risk of you obtaining a foot and ankle injury. Please get in touch with our world-renowned foot and ankle clinic today if you have any questions.