At our leading orthopaedic clinic, we successfully diagnose and treat many English speaking patients with a variety of foot and ankle related sports injuries. From ankle sprains to heavy bruising, our feet and ankles are very susceptible to injuries. This is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure our feet and ankles are looked after as we train and exercise. With this in mind, here are three great orthopaedic tips for people living an active life:

Wear Fitted Shoes!

If you play active sports like tennis or enjoy running and long distant walking, then you will know the difference a good pair of shoes makes to your feet and ankles. One of the biggest mistakes people can make is to wear incorrect sized footwear. Our feet and ankles take a lot of punishment when we run and take part in sports and so it’s crucial we invest in the right footwear. On the whole, sports shoes need to provide protection and comfort to our feet and ankles. Safeguard your feet from bunions by avoiding sports shoes that are too restricted and tight.

Build Up Connecting Muscle

Mobility and muscle definition are heavily connected. Many active people will ensure they build up their connecting muscle tissues if they are keen runners. We can particularly help to avoid ankle sprains by building up our leg muscles as we train. By failing to strengthen our connecting muscles we can suffer unnecessary discomfort in our ankle joints and feet when we take part in sporting activities.

Perfect your Balance

If you enjoy keeping active and taking part in outdoor sports like football or tennis, then you will know just how important it is to ensure you have a good gait and balance. When we run, our feet and ankles sustain a lot of strain. Furthermore, when we are mobile and running, our feet continuously leave the floor and then land heavily on terrain, causing shock waves of pressure to impact our limbs. By making sure our feet are correctly balanced when we move, it really helps to look after our connecting joints, ligaments and muscles. If you are off balance when you run, then you may land awkwardly and cause unnecessary trauma to various parts of your feet and ankles.