You may have heard of the medical acronym, ‘RICE’ regarding sprains and injuries; but you may be unaware of what it stands for and how it can help in an emergency. Fear not, the following article explains the RICE acronym and also provides great and helpful tips on how you can use it to reduce inflammation and pain when suffering from ankle injuries or ankle sprains. Enjoy!


Immediately rest and don’t apply any pressure to your damaged foot or ankle injury.


Immediately put an ice pack wrapped in a towel on to your sprained ankle. The cold temperature will reduce the inflammation caused by the blood flow. Hold the ice pack on to your damaged ankle or foot for up to twenty minutes at a time; a minimum of three times a day.


C stands for compression. Applying a dressing to your damaged area will dramatically reduce inflammation. If you think that you have applied the bandage too tightly then reapply and make sure that your ankle is not too restricted.


One of the best tips to deal with a sprained ankle is to elevate the limb. Place your injured foot or ankle on a soft surface and ensure that the area is above or equal to where your heart is. By elevating your injured foot or ankle it helps to reduce inflammation.

Next Steps:

Ankle sprains are frequently related with impact to the cartilage, medically called an osteochondral lesion. Osteochondral lesions often negatively impact the joints of our feet and ankles. Once you’ve followed the ‘RICE’ acronym, we always advise that you visit our renowned orthopaedic clinic in Italy for a detailed diagnosis and treatment recommendation. After your ankle has been evaluated, we may offer a Magnetic Resonance and a CAT scan. This will provide us with a more detailed understanding of the severity of your foot or ankle injury before we can provide the appropriate treatment.

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