During the summertime, many of us take advantage of the hot weather by taking part in many outdoor activities. Whether it is taking part in playing football, tennis or even jogging around your local parks and fields, summer is the perfect time to make the most of the weather.

However, no matter what the activity is there’s a high risk of a person sustaining a sports injury to their foot and ankle.

The following article highlights the risks but also the preventions one can take this summer to help avoid a serious sports injury. Enjoy.

Warm Up

Before undergoing any active sports or outdoor activities this summer, we recommend you warm up by doing some gentle stretches. Always warm up by exercising your feet and ankles before undergoing a strenuous activity.

Wear Correct Footwear

Many sporting injuries can be avoided by simply wearing the correct footwear. Unfortunately, many people take the ill-informed recommendations from shoe shop assistants, not certified within the medical field and so buy shoes that are not properly supporting their feet and ankles. Wearing incorrect footwear can result in a sprained, fractured or broken foot and ankle.

Correct Shoe Size

Having the correct fitted footwear can be crucial in properly supporting your feet when playing a sport. Your foot and ankle needs to be properly protected as you twist and turn and properly cushioned when you sustain impact.

Protective Socks

Try and ensure you wear the correct socks inside your sports shoes. Many people suffer from blisters and burns because they fail to wear protective socks.

Ankle Support

If you’ve sustained foot and ankle injuries in the past or have recently recovered from an injury then it’s best to wear protective ankle supports. Ankle supports ultimately help provide you with support to an area of your foot that has been weakened by injury.

If you’re suffering from an ankle injury and you’re playing on through injury then it’s time to think of your long term health and book a consultation. At my foot and ankle clinic we are the leading medical practice on foot and ankle care and have successfully treated many sports injuries through unrivalled, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Visit our clinic today and see why we are leading the way forward in the treatment of foot and ankle sports injuries.