Many people living in the UK experience damage to their ankle cartilage. One of the main issues regarding ankle cartilage damage is cartilage loss and this can cause a lot of discomfort for many people. With this in mind, below are 3 ankle cartilage facts.

  1. Heavy Impact

If you live an active lifestyle and are also carrying an old cartilage injury, then your ankle cartilage can be more susceptible to future damages should you unexpectedly suffer from a heavy impact fall. If you are playing a contact sport then make sure you wear the correct support around your weakened cartilage as this will help to better safeguard you from future injuries.

  1. Additional Weight

Too much body weight can put a lot of strain on our cartilage and ankle joints. Try and ensure you eat a balanced nutritional diet and live an active lifestyle to help burn body fat and calories. By carrying less weight you ensure that your ankle joints and cartilage are less susceptible to unwanted strain.

  1. Nutrition

As touched on before, what we eat has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. By eating highly nutritional foods like Vitamin C for example it can really help safeguard an individual’s ankle cartilage. It has also been documented that some people suffering from cartilage loss can help slow down initial cell loss by consuming Vitamin E in their diets.

What are Cartilage lesions?

Osteochondral or cartilage lesions is the medical diagnosis for people who have experienced impact and strain on their ankle cartilage.

2 Major Signs

Many people in the UK suffering from cartilage legions, have felt ankle pain and swelling.


Many UK patients suffering with an osteochondral lesion, should take the below path of action.

  • An advanced analysis of the cartilage lesion using magnetic resonance imaging, to help determine the specific stage of bone oedema.
  • A cutting-edge CT scan, to highlight anything that may have been missed by the MRI scan.
  • A top-level X-ray to examine the legion biomechanics.


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