Sprained Ankle – The Facts

Did you know that a sprained ankle injury is one of the most common injuries sustained in Badminton? It’s true.

The reason for this can be accredited to the way Badminton players change direction on their feet which can cause the ankle to turn over on itself, especially if a player is tired.

When we refer to a sprained ankle, we focus on the ankle ligament damage and other soft tissues surrounding the ankle joint. With ligament trauma, this tissues will bleed resulting in the patient sustaining a swollen ankle, which can be extremely painful.

However many don’t know that it’s the osteochondral lesion, which occurs once an ankle sprain happens that causes the most problems. The osteochondral, often referred to as a cartilage lesion is an extremely common issue associated with trauma to cartilage.


We would always recommend wearing the right footwear that would reduce the likelihood of an ankle twist occurring. Unfortunately, many people buy their footwear at sports shops from merchants who are not fully trained or certified to recommend the correct choice of shoe. Many customers leave the shop with the wrong choice of footwear increasing the risk of an injury sprain happening when playing.


The osteochondral lesion can affect all the joints. These particular lesions develop further along down the line. We would recommend a quick evaluation, and suggest a Magnetic Resonance and a CAT scan as analytic examinations, to help best determine the full extent of the injury and to arrange the most relevant treatment.