Did you know that certain foot and ankle strengthening techniques can really help to toughen and regulate ankle joint mobility? It’s true! If you have suffered an ankle sprain or an ankle fracture or just want to improve the strength in your feet and ankles, then reinforcement techniques are a great way to start. Below are the top 3 foot and ankle reinforcement techniques you can try:

  1. Stationary Ankle Strengthening Exercises
    If you have suffered a foot and ankle injury then stationary exercises are a great way of mobilising the area without causing additional strain. These types of exercise are crucial in strengthening the whole of your ankle. If you are seated or laying down, rest one hand on your foot and then simply bring your foot into the hand and tense so that you experience your muscles tightening. Try and not move your actual foot so that you instead experience the sensation of your front foot muscles tightening.
  2. Resistance Training
    Another great foot and ankle exercise involves an elasticated resistance band to help improve your ankle strength and stability. You can do this foot and ankle exercise by simply sitting in a chair and securing the band to the centre of your foot and with your free hand, stretch the band so that your foot and hand are pulling in opposite directions. This exercise is great at building up your surrounding muscles. Make sure you hold your position for five seconds each time and repeat up to twenty times each day.
  3. Foot Arch Raises
    This technique is great at firming up your surrounding muscles that support the arches in your feet. Find yourself a comfortable seat and make sure your foot is positioned so that it is flat on the ground. Move the base of your big toe in the direction of your heel raising the arch off of the ground. Keep your heel, large toe and base of your foot flat on the ground throughout the exercise. Grip for five seconds each time and then stop. These techniques are perfect in strengthening your feet and ankles if you’re recovering from a certain sports injury or simply just want to improve your mobility and reinforce your muscles and ankle joints.

Final thoughts…

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