In the UK, many people experience some kind of sporting injury, like a fracture. If you’re active in a sport like running for example, then you’re already aware of the high risks associated with suffering a fracture or other type of sports injury due to the high intensity training schedules you may put yourself through . 

Below are 3 tips for what you should do when you suffer a fracture or sports injury to your feet and ankles:

  1. Get a Professional Medical Diagnosis

A sports injury of any kind can be extremely painful but this doesn’t always suggest that you’ve suffered a fracture. Nonetheless, should your pain increase over time then this can sometimes suggest a fracture. We always recommend that you speak with a medical professional as soon as possible so that they can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

  1. Take your Time

The road ahead can seem very long and arduous, when you’re recovering from a foot or ankle injury. After months training regularly every day, the change in lifestyles can seem strange at first. Many sporty people try and rush themselves back to full health too soon and by doing this they can further worsen their injury. We always recommend that our patients follow our advice and get plenty of rest when recovering from a severe fracture or sporting injury to their feet or ankles. We are particularly proud of our successful post operation, recovery plans that we give to all of our UK patients when they visit our foot and ankle clinic. Take your time and don’t rush back!

  1. Stay Mentally Focussed

Whenever we experience an injury to our body, it can be easy to focus on our physical health instead of our mental health. We recommend you do both and whilst your body recovers and gets stronger, make sure you keep mentally focussed and don’t ever lose hope as you get back to full health.


Stress fractures and sports injuries come in various levels of severity. After we have diagnosed you and given you a treatment plan, depending on the severity of your injury, we may recommend minimally invasive surgery. We have found that minimally invasive surgery can often harvest healthier results when compared to more orthodox surgical practices.


We hope you enjoyed this article? Please contact our foot and ankle clinic today if you have a foot and ankle related issue or injury you would like us to treat.