As one of the world’s leading foot and ankle clinics, we regularly tell our UK patients about the importance of keeping their feet healthy. After all, our feet enable us to move and maintain a mobile and active lifestyle. Many of our UK patients who visit our clinic come with foot and ankle sports injuries especially those who enjoy running. Many patients can prevent foot injuries by simply ensuring that they focus on the health of their feet. Below are three healthy foot and ankle tips for runners:

Stable feet

A runner can experience a lot of trauma to their feet. When we run our feet leave the ground and land heavily on the surface causing impact to be felt throughout the entire foot. Keeping our feet healthy before a race is so important and one area that a runner needs to focus on is the stability of their feet. Stable feet establish the foundation for our whole frame and can influence the location of our hips and spine when we run. Ensuring your feet are stable when you run can really help you protect surrounding muscles, joints, nerves and cartilages.

Muscle Strength Training

Did you know that your foot movements and stability are governed by connecting muscles? If we fail to train and strengthen our foot muscles we can experience severe pain. Many runners with untrained foot muscles can experience severe pain in the arch of their feet and surrounding joints and bones.

Go Barefoot!

Remove your running shoes and opt to gently walk across a field, beach or paddle in water. By going barefoot you will strengthen your surrounding muscles when you walk and run. It also helps you improve your balance and get you used to feeling the ground below you with every part of your feet as the skin senses are exposed.

Wear Correct Footwear

Many runners fail to wear the correct sized footwear and badly damage their feet. There are so many running shoes on the market to choose from that it can at times become very overwhelming in deed. Fear not, make sure that you have your feet properly measured and that your running shoes are not too tight. Your running shoes need to support the foot and ankle at all times. Running shoes that are too tight can often cause bunions and blisters over time.

At our foot and ankle clinic we regularly see patients visiting us from the UK with many sports injuries such as bunions and foot and ankle sprains to name but a few. Prevention is often the best cure but for many patients who have experienced a foot and ankle injury, we successfully treat them with the latest in orthopaedic non-evasive treatments and aftercare. So if you are interested in speaking with us or want a friendly chat about your foot and ankle issue, then please contact our clinic today.