Summer time usually means a great chance to wear your favourite summer shoes. You’ve waited all year to wear them and now’s your chance to show them off. However, did you know that many summer shoe styles can lead to ankle injuries? It’s true. Below are three summer shoe styles that can run the risk of injuring your ankles.

Peep Toe Shoes

Peep toe shoes pose an injury risk because they can sometimes allow your foot to slide from side to side and force you to use your toes to grip your foot in place. These shoes can also put a person in danger of developing hammertoe; a condition where the toe-joint is unusually curved. Try and choose a summer shoe that secures your whole foot in place, instead.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops are high up on the list in causing ankle injuries. This is because your ankle isn’t properly supported and can come away, causing an ankle sprain. Flip flops fail to properly support your ankle and heel and if you are moving quickly around the pool where the surface is wet then you are at a high risk of turning or twisting your ankle in a shoe that offers hardly any ankle support.


Many celebrities are spotted wearing wedges during the summer months. They are particularly popular this time of year but unfortunately because of their style they are don’t always provide a lot of ankle and foot support. It’s very easy for a person to lose their balance when wearing wedges and twist their ankle resulting in a sprain. When you wear wedges, you quickly move your weight to the heel of your foot. A person that directs their weight to the heel of their foot when turning runs the risk of inflaming their foot. Sometimes because wedges come in many high heel designs, these shoes can lead to a person suffering from severe fractures.

Wearing these three types of shoes this summer can put you at a higher risk of suffering an ankle injury. However, if you must wear either of them during the summer, it’s recommended that you wear them for a small period of time. We always recommend you wear shoes that offer a greater foot and ankle support this summer. Although more practical styles may not be as stylish as flip flops, wedges or peep toes, they will however reduce the risk of you getting an ankle injury this summer which can put your summer plans on hold.