Sandals need to be firm!

Sandals that are too fragile, fail to support your feet and ankles. Incorrect footwear can result in foot and ankle injuries over time. By wearing a sandal that offers no support to your foot or ankle can result in swelling and severe arch discomfort. Shockingly, as time progresses this can lead to your feet actually flattening. Remember, sandals that fail to properly support your feet and ankles will result in a person experiencing mild to severe pain in their arch, where their tendons are. A great test to see if your sandals are flexible enough is by folding them in half. If your sandals bend easily then they aren’t providing the high level of support you desperately need for healthy feet and ankles.

Moisturizing is especially important

Did you know that flip-flops transfer a lot of grime and germs to your feet? It’s true! If you have dry skin then the cracks in them can attract dirt. If you are wearing sandals in doors or on holiday, then ensure that you moisturize your feet to prevent cracks from appearing in the skin which as mentioned can harbour many germs.

Be aware of other parts of your body

Did you also know that sandals can result in not just discomfort within your feet and ankles but also in other parts of your body?  Many people who wear sandals experience strain in other parts of their body because their footwear doesn’t provide their arch or ankles with adequate protection. In these circumstances, many people will experience discomfort within their knees, back and and legs. Don’t forget that when we wear footwear like sandals which offer hardly any support, we sometimes change the way we walk to accommodate this. By changing our gait we end up applying additional strain to our ankles, hips and knees.


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