This is true and a very frequent foot issue. Discomfort concerning the toe is usually around the large toe commonly referred to as the hallux. Unlike many other mammals, as humans, we walk upright and put a lot of our body weight on our big toe. This can lead to our big toe joint experiencing a lot of stress and pain. Below are top 3 of the most typical causes of toe pain, including symptoms and prevention methods. Enjoy!

1) Gout

The pain and discomfort of a big toe joint pain can be caused by Gout. Patients with gout, can experience sudden, severe agony, swelling, hotness and sensitivity around the big toe. Typically, Gout generally disturbs the big toe but can also effect the other smaller toes on a patient’s foot.

Your diet can have a huge effect on gout. Purines are an ingredient which can be found in certain foods like shellfish and liquids, like red wine and beer; and as your body breaks down this substance it will produce uric acid. The uric acid forms urate crystals which can gather where your toe joint is leading to a patient experiencing severe swelling.

2) Mallet Toe

Did you know that another frequent cause of toe joint pain is Mallet toe? Mallet toe happens when the patient suffers from toe joint discomfort caused by the smaller toe bones growing in a crooked way. Each person has a total of three bone joints in each of their smaller toes and two joints in the big toe. These toe joints simply allow us to freely mobilise our toes. Mallet toe effects a person from even flexing or uncurling their toe. People who have lived active lives or play a sport where they move a lot on their feet find the condition hinders their mobility.

3) Bunions

Bunions, referred to by medical professionals as the hallux valgus, can also lead to a person feeling discomfort in their large toe joint. The longer a patient allows their condition to worsen, results in their top part of their large toe facing inwards, whereas the lower area of the toe begins to force itself outwards, creating a bump. Bunions can also be caused as mentioned in previous blog articles by a person wearing ill-fitting footwear.

Our treatments can consist of physiotherapy, specialised footwear to help keep the toes spaced out and in really painful incidences, advanced non-evasive surgery.

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