Ankle Arthritis can be an extremely debilitating illness. It’s been reported that arthritis in general effects one in every six UK citizens. A patient with ankle arthritis can often experience discomfort and rigidity in their ankle joints and muscles, which can stop them from moving freely. Simple tasks like walking and running can become incredibly hard to do.

Even though a healthy diet cannot completely cure arthritis, many reports have stated that a healthy diet and lifestyle can dramatically help with pain management.

Excessive weight can also be linked with ankle arthritis. A person carrying extra weight puts extra strain on to their ankle joints. The extra weight can escalate swelling, increasing pain in the ankle joint. 

Monitor your Weight

A great way of reducing the pressure of your weight on to your ankle joints is to ensure you regularly take part in exercise. If you already have arthritis then your ankle joints are already weak and any extra weight you put on to the joints can cause you unnecessary discomfort.

Regular Exercise

By regularly exercising you burn calories but also improve your muscle density needed for strength and mobility. Research if there’re any local gyms near you that you can join.

If you’re exercising to help reduce your weight, then also try and eat a nutritional diet. The following tips will help you do this by reducing your calorie consumption:

Reduce sugar consumption

Did you know that sugar is simply full of calories and has no nutritional value? By simply eating 1oz less of sugar every day, cuts out an additional 120 calories! If you have a sweet tooth then why not take healthy supplements like raisins and dried fruit in your breakfast and desserts. Although dried fruits have more nutritional value than sugar, they also have very high calories so try and not eat too many!


Reports in recent times have stated that antioxidants can aid in protecting ankle joints by absorbing chemicals that lead to swelling caused by arthritis. Reduce your calorie intake but eat more greens to get as many nutrients as possible. Many vegetables contain antioxidants especially brightly coloured ones so make sure you eat as many as you can each day.


Ankle arthritis can be controlled but never fully cured. At our Italian clinic, we provide many successful treatments, like Interx and Tecar Therapy. Combining these two therapies, can help progress the ecology of the ligaments and muscles associated with joint flexibility and dramatically reduce your discomfort.

At our world famous foot and ankle clinic we successfully diagnose and reduce the arthritis symptoms of many people visiting from the UK. See us today and look forward to a brighter future.