The bunion treatment is a small imperfection that can be taken care of this upcoming Autumn.

During the summer season, a woman will show off her feet not only for vanity but also for issues tied to practical comfort. Regardless of her motives for doing so, it surely isn’t an easy task to live with an anti-aesthetic and bothersome pathology such as the bunion. For those unfortunate enough to be affected by it, summertime may therefore be the perfect timing of the year to decide on how to solve this highly fastidious problem during the future autumnwinter months lying ahead.

Thanks to today’s minimally-invasive surgical techniques, brand new surgical instruments and anaesthesia procedures that allow for an excellent handling of post-surgical pain, correcting a bunion is no longer a traumatic ordeal. Following the operation patients will only have to rest 4-5 days before going back to their everyday routine, but it will take them up to 4 weeks to sit back in the driver’s seat and up to 6-8 weeks to strut their stuff wearing high heels.

Just a tidbit of advice for those who will get the chance for a well-deserved break at the beach right after surgery: do exploit the therapeutic effect of water to regain your normal stride.