Ankle prosthesis

Foot and ankle rehabilitation

A few suggestions for the rehabilitation of your ankles and feet following a trauma or surgery. Water is our best ally to recover correct ankle functionality. Walking in water helps the patient regain confidence as well as to get back to a correct movement. The act of flotation supports the body, relaxes the muscles and […]

Ankle prosthesis: rehabilitation

Undergoing an ankle prosthesis operation means being aware of the way that needs to be followed in order to achieve the expected result and the consequent rehabilitation. Diversity of other interventions However, this prosthetics intervention needs to be immediately distinguished from the other ones. In fact, ankle prosthesis surgery is surely more recent than the […]

Ankle arthrosis after a fracture: prosthesis or arthrodesis?

Ankle arthrosis after a fracture: prosthesis or arthrodesis? I am a biker. This is the best definition that suits me! Despite all the suggestions from the most cautious ones, I have never though of abandoning motorbikes. A passion, a lifestyle, a way to survive in this overwhelming chaos. Sure, time passes, and I am not […]

Vienna meeting: my encounter with Lew Schon and our exchange of views regarding the ankle prosthesis topic

This current meeting in Vienna is one of the seasonal events which I care about more. Everything revolves around TM-Ankle, currently the most innovative ankle prosthesis in the entire world. – Dr. Lew Schon and Dr. Maccario – Lew Schon, the American surgeon who designed TM-ankle, and me – a surgeon with the best experience […]

Ankle prosthesis and sports

For years, ankle arthrodesis has been seen as the only solution for ankle arthrosis. Nowadays we know that there is another valid alternative, which is ankle prosthesis. Howewer, it is good to ask yourself about the results these surgeries may lead to. Exactly because ankle arthrosis especially affects young patients, the first question to be asked […]