Foot and ankle rehabilitation

A few suggestions for the rehabilitation of your ankles and feet following a trauma or surgery. Water is our best ally to recover correct ankle functionality. Walking in water helps the patient regain confidence as well as to get back to a correct movement. The act of flotation supports the body, relaxes the muscles and […]

Plantar fasciitis

Are plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spine the same thing? For starters, the calcaneal spine is not a pathology but a radiologic description. Even amongst healthy patients, it is not uncommon to observe a spine-shaped prominence at plantar level, on the heel bone. For years we orthopedicians have clinged onto this image, proposing surgical removal or […]

Ankle sprain: what problems can it lead to?

An ankle sprain is a pretty common lesion: every day, in Italy, about 10.000 ankle sprains occur. It is a movement, most of the times, of foot and ankle inversion. An ankle sprain should never be underestimated: on the contrary, it must always be evaluated carefully. Although the patient is particularly focused on ligaments and […]

Cartilage: my experience at Glasgow Conference

Cartilage, the way we repair it makes our patients interested, as well as all our colleagues all over the world! What does it mean? It means the “team’s” awareness. A group in which everyone has a different, but precise role. The common aim is the patient’s well-being. It is a thrilling job. It’s true, stalemates […]

Running Biomechanics

The fundamental difference between running and ambulation is the existence of the air phase (of suspension). During this phase, both feet are detached from the ground. For a short period of time, our body is therefore “in a air phase”, suspended. While running, the support of the foot to the ground does not occur following […]